BARTG Contest Updates

BARTG contests are a long established part of the data contesting calendar, however their rules and aims were set in the mists of time. To bring these contests up to date with current technology, operating practices, and appeal to a wider audience, BARTG are pleased to announce the following modifications to their contest portfolio.

“Diddler of the Year” Championship

The British Amateur Radio Teledata Group are pleased to announce the introduction of our Championship to find the “Diddler of the Year”

There will be two championship tables, one for SOE and one for SOAB. All entrants into these two sections in each of the four contests will be entered automatically into the section table.

The 1st place at the end of the four contest season will receive a BARTG Salver and the top 5 entrants will receive a commemorative certificate.

Rule Changes – All Contests

For the 2017 season BARTG are changing the section rules for the Single Operator All Band (SOAB) section. Full details of the rule changes will be on the BARTG website under the relevant contest. To summarise, the changes to SOAB are to limit the maximum power output to 100w, and SO2R is not permitted. Remote operation will be permitted for all classes.

Rule Changes – Sprint & HF

2017 will see the Multi operator (MO) section split into Multi Single and Multi Mult classes. This is to encourage participation from the contest groups.

SWL becomes QRP

Due to the lack of entrants, the SWL section has been withdrawn from the January Sprint and March HF contests, and has been replaced with a QRP section where the maximum power output is 5 watts. All other SOAB rules will apply.

SOE automatic qualification revamped

The automatic promotion criteria to Single Operator Expert (SOE) from Single Operator All Bands (SOAB) is being changed as the current system can discourage entrants who feel uncompetitive in the EXPERT class. The qualifications for the EXPERTS list for 2018 will be altered so that the three years qualification is reduced to one. In SOE the three years qualification is reduced to two. In this way the churn of stations in SOE will be increased.

BARTG seek a Webmaster

BARTG is looking for a webmaster who is well versed in the dark art of website creation and maintenance to bring a fresh new look to our web presence. The position would be voluntary and will be a committee position. Ideally the applicant will already be a friend of BARTG. If you are interested in taking up the challenge then please apply by email to Ian Brothwell G4EAN via

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