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Advice sought – problems with Creed 444

Charles G4VSZ has some problems with a Creed 444 and wonders if anyone can offer any advice. He writes:

I have a Creed 444 which has just come back to me from loan out to a friend before I gave away all my other Creed 444.

I have completed the oiling up thanks to my G4VSZ notes written a long time ago
I have made up the power lead and the motor turns over satisfactorily
I have re-built my ST5 terminal unit in a very basic form and now trying to make print appear.

I have been able to locate some old picture code tapes and they are read well by the reader and print fine with the pulses reaching pin 2 on the 50 way connector and driving the magnets via 7 & 9 proved by disconnecting the Connector to the ST5 and then of course nothing prints.

Keyboard will not print
What I cannot do is trace through where the tongue of the Keyboard reaches pin 2 on the 50way connector and then onto the ST5 which drives the magnets.
When the LETTERS key is pressed things do go round and similarly when I press a letter but where the pulses are going I cannot trace.
I am using the standard connection of pins on the 50 way connector 1 2 3 7 & 9 and 12 & 13 linked.

Punch tape lever will not depress
I have spent many hours looking at the manual and I cannot work out why the lever will not depress to allow tape to be punched.

All I can think of is that this may be linked in some way to the lack of Keyboard print

No print out from the Answer back drum
Again things go round but nothing prints.

My email is charlesdarley at hotmail dot co dot uk so feel free to help me if you can and I will look into any suggestions.
Kind regards     Charles who is still exploring the CREED 444 manual !!!

Advert placed on 9th January 2021 and expires on 9th March.

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