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If you want to give away, sell or obtain any amateur radio datacoms related equipment or need some help or advice  about amateur radio datacoms then you are welcome to advertise here. Write your advert and email it to BARTG so that we can copy + paste it onto this page. Do remember to include contact details in your advert.
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We do not write adverts on behalf of advertisers. We do not accept trade adverts. We do reserve the right to decline any advert.

Adverts will usually be on this page for a period of two months and then removed unless the advertiser requests an extention of the two month period. We’d appreciate advertisers letting us know if their advert can be removed early (typically because they have found or sold the items in their advert).

Anyone who advertises or responds to an advert should take care to satisfy themselves
that ANY offer they accept is genuine.

FREE – Various items of Teleprinter equipment

Smaller items can be posted at cost, the two chassis would need to be collected.

I just do not want to scrap these as they may be of use to someone. A few parts have already been given away.

Please see images for what is available. Please note that neither of the black and white striped governors are available.

Collect from Ashford, Kent. Please contact Chris, G6AFY

Advert placed on 18th April and expires on 18th June 2022.

Page updated on 18th April 2022 by G4EAN.