BARTG Quarter Century Award (QCA)

This award is available on the submission of satisfactory proof of having made two way data communication with amateur radio stations in 25 ARRL DXCC different countries. Stickers are available in increments of 25 up to a total of 300.

The award is also available to SWL on a “heard” basis.

Application for this award may be made by any of the following methods:

Submission of QSL cards for the countries being claimed. These are returned after checking. Alternatively, photocopies of these QSL cards are acceptable. Such copies must clearly show both sides, if applicable, and both callsigns, and establish beyond any doubt that a two-way DATA contact took place.

Submission of a check-list containing the log extracts for the countries being claimed. Check-list should include date, time, band, callsign worked, mode, RST etc. This check-list and the corresponding QSL cards should be examined by the Awards Manager of a national radio society, or by TWO officers of a recognised radio club/society. The signed check-list and appropriate fee should then be forwarded.

Claims can also be accepted based on contest log(s) submitted for any BARTG contest. The claim must be made within 5 years of the first contest log submission, and for all QSOs claimed, you must have submitted a contest or check log at the appropriate time for that contest.

NOTE: For the purposes of establishing country status, the ARRL DXCC list is the determinant.

For further details on application and contact address of the Awards Manager, please see the How to Apply page.

Download the Award Application form here; download the Callsign List here.

The cost of this award is:

UK £6: cash, cheque, or PayPal
US $10: cash or PayPal
10 Euro: cash or PayPal

The cost of each update sticker is:

UK £1.00: cash, cheque, or PayPal
US $1.00: cash or PayPal
1.00 Euro: cash or PayPal

If QSL cards need to be returned, please check with the BARTG Awards Manager for return cost before sending. Please make cheques payable to BARTG.

Latest Awards and updates:

Award #CallsignNameClassEndorsement
700YB1MBA Anil 2
701OM1VA Vladimir 2
702HA8TI Janos 2
703G4DBW Robert 2
704DL1EAL Roland 3
705WA3FRP Russell 11
706G8APB Chris 5
707VA6APB Chris 3
708ON7DC Tom 1
709SW9FF Dick 1
710VK2SF Neville 1
717HZ1PS Peter 7
712DL0HV Clubstation DOK H132
713F-16527 (SWL)Bernard 11
714JA1CKE Hoshino 1

You can get a full listing of all awardholders by downloading here. This list is awating an update.