Amateur radio is, by tradition, non-political. However, the recent actions of the Russian Federation and their military have made it impossible to maintain this position.

Hence, in line with the action taken by other amateur radio organisation, for contests administered by BARTG and until further notice, all contest logs received from stations in the Russian Federation or Belarus will be treated as check logs.


2025 schedule – Sunday 27th April 17:00z to 20:59z

This short contest uses 75 baud RTTY and is run in April each year. The second Sprint75 contest has been replaced by a Sprint PSK63 contest.

All logs MUST be received no later than 7 days after the contest.
Please read the rules for full details.

Logs must be submitted in Cabrillo format. A sample structure can be viewed HERE.

To Upload your log, go to:

Follow the instructions carefully and it should be quite easy to do. Select your category and complete the cover sheet. You can check immediately to see if your log has been received (here). You can also ask to be reminded of future contests.


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2013 – Results will not be available as the logs have been lost due to a computer failure.

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2025 schedule – Sunday 27th April 17:00z to 20:59z
2026 schedule – Sunday 26th April 17:00z to 20:59z
2027 schedule – Sunday 25th April 17:00z to 20:59z
2028 schedule – Sunday 23rd April 17:00z to 20:59z
2029 schedule – Sunday 22nd April 17:00z to 20:59z
2030 schedule – Sunday 28th April 17:00z to 20:59z

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