BARTG is please to introduce the Single Operator Championship in conjunction with the new SOAB100 and SOABQRP sections in our four contest series.

The aim of the Championship is to determine the BARTG Diddler Of The Year from our Single Operator contesting community.

No entry is required. Simply submitting your log to your chosen section will automatically enrol you in the Championship.

1000 points are awarded to the first place entrant and one point to the last place. Intermediate points are determined by normalisation between these two limits.

Each single operator section will run its own table which will determine the section champion.

Highest total score of the individual champions will be the BARTG Diddler Of The Year.

In the event of a tie then positions in individual contests will be used to determine the winner.

Trophies will be awarded to the section champions and the BARTG Diddler Of The Year.

Certificates will be available to download for every entrant in the table.

Championship results

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