Log information and RESULTS

Contest logs are uploaded here:


BARTG Contest Calendar is here:


Once on the Calendar page, results are available by clicking on RESULTS in the RED BOX. Other information about you log is also available from the RESULTS page.

To view all logs received look here:


You can select the contest you wish to view by using the “Choose Contest” tickbox. However, you may only be able to see the currently available logs here. You can also navigate using the Navigation Boxes at the top of the page. UBNs are available in the logs, just follow the instructions.


The 3830scores site is NOT a results site. It merely hosts score summaries from individuals who wish to see their scores in this listing.
These logs have not been scored or adjudicated by BARTG.
In N1MM, you can select Score Summary when processing your log and then upload that to this site


It is up to the individual whether they wish to see their summary here so it is not a true picture of total entries.