Welcome to BARTG

Welcome to the new website of BARTG, the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group. We were founded in 1959 and at that time it concerned teleprinters.
The world has moved on since then and most amateurs now use computers. We are now mainly concerned with contests, awards, and DX-pedition sponsorship.

BARTG is now a web based Club and you can join us for free by becoming a Friend of BARTG. There is no membership fee but we do encourage donations, no matter how small, because we do sponsor DX-peditions and awards. Please apply to the Secretary to become a Friend of BARTG.

All data modes are encouraged, but the main ones in use are RTTY and PSK, The JT modes have become extremely popular in the last couple of years too, especially FT8.
BARTG run four contests per annum. The Sprint is a 24 hour period test and the HF is the major 48 hour event of the year. Two four-hour 75 Baud contests, one in April and one in September are growing in popularity each year. Our Contest Manageress is Simone M0BOX and she has been instrumental in simplifying log entries via the Robot.
We run an awards scheme open to both licensed amateurs and listeners.
Our Web-master is Mark Taylor G0LGJ so any input, suggestions and so on can be sent to Mark.

28th March 2018