BARTG Diamond Jubilee Award


The Diamond Jubilee Award can be obtained by working our special event station GB60ATG.

Your progress can be checked here.

GB60ATG will be active from several countries in the UK during the year of operation. The country of operation will be shown on the schedule page of the BARTG website here. We will be using a variety of different data modes and operating across a wide range of HF and VHF bands.

Each contact with GB60ATG on a new band, mode or UK country counts one point towards the BARTG Diamond Jubilee Award.

Mixed modes:
75 points … Diamond award
60 points … Gold award
40 points … Silver award
20 points … Bronze award

Single mode:
50 points … Diamond award
40 points … Gold award
20 points … Silver award

10 points … Bronze award

Anyone at Gold or Diamond level can apply for a silver salver in presentation box for only $30.

The first applicant to reach Diamond level at either mixed or single mode, can apply for a free salver.

No automatic operation will be allowed.

Applications for awards should be made to the BARTG awards manager.

QSL Cards via M0OXO OQRS (Bureau cards ONLY via OQRS)

Page updated on Saturday 26th October 2019 by John GW4SKA.